Kids Learn History Rich Game At Field Hockey Camp

Kids Learn History Rich Game At Field Hockey Camp

There are a variety of sports related summer camps available. These summer camp options can range from basketball and football to soccer and tennis. However, if you want your child to learn or excel at a game that has been played in some form since about 2000 BC you might consider field hockey camp.

Unlike the sports of basketball and football, field hockey has a long, rich history. While the modern game began in the 19th century in England, it is suspected some form of the game was played as long ago as 2000 BC. 4,000 year old drawings found in a tomb in Egypt depict a group of men playing a game with balls and sticks which appears to be much like hockey. While hockey became a popular sport for English men in the 1880’s it was several years later before it was considered an acceptable sport for women to play. Since then, hockey has grown in popularity and is played by more than 14,000 people in the United States alone.

Like most summer camps, field hockey camp can be offered either as a day camp, or a camp where campers actually stay overnight in dorms or cabins. While day camps focus only on the game of field hockey, residential camps sometimes offer a few other activities along with field hockey lessons.

These camps can help the beginning player learn the basics of the sport as well as helping an experienced player become better at his game. These camps can focus on a single aspect of the game, such as the goal keeper position, or can help players become familiar with all of the positions available.

Generally field hockey camps will offer opportunities for full tournament play as well as individual lessons. Some even offer break out sessions of lectures and lessons which allow campers to choose which skills they need more work on. While some athletes may choose to attend these camps on their own, some schools require a stay at camp to review skills in preparation for the upcoming season. If this is the case, the school will usually choose the camp where all students will attend together. This gives them a chance not only to brush up on their skills, but also to bond as a team.

Most hockey camps require players to bring all of their own equipment, so if your child plans to take goal keeping lessons, be sure he packs the necessary gear. It might be a good idea to be sure all equipment is in good shape and good working order before your child goes away to camp. This can cut down on the possibility of having an important piece of gear break while your child is away.

So if your child wants to improve his athletic ability by learning to play a game that has been around for centuries, field hockey camp might be a great choice. These camps can improve technique and also help your child bond with his team members.