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Mehndi (also henna) is the art of decorating one’s hands and feet with a paste made from powdered leaves of the mehndi plant (Lawsonia inermis). It’s been used since ancient times, and archeologists have found mummies with heenaed hands. Mehndi is a temporary form of body art and a painless alternative to permanent tattoos.

For Hindu brides, mehndi is an important part of their pre-wedding ceremonies. It is believed to protect a woman from evil spirits and bring prosperity to her new home, so the intricate patterns on her hands are meant to represent that. In addition to weddings, mehndi is also applied during various vratas or fasts such as Karwa Chauth, observed by married women.

Mehndi is a common tradition in India and Pakistan, but it’s also used by Muslim and Hindu women in other countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Iran, and Yemen. MHANDEE ’s usually applied on the hands and feet, but it can be used on other parts of the body as well. Traditionally, the mehndi is left on for 3-4 hours until it becomes crusted and hard. During that time, the bride can relax and take some rest while listening to prenuptial advice from her friends and family.