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TripleWin Advisory works with companies to implement strategic sustainability measures. They partner with industry leaders and the highest levels of business to develop and implement sustainable business practices. triple win promote positive changes in the business environment and positively impact the bottom line. Their goal is to help companies achieve the highest levels of profitability while ensuring a sustainable future.

Triple Win offers a variety of different training options. Some courses focus on STEM education, others on entrepreneurship and collaboration. Each type of training helps prepare students for the modern workplace. The school also offers work-based learning classes that follow the traditional earn and learn model. Students gain valuable skills by completing projects in companies and receive compensation for their work. Students can take courses like Occupational Safety and Health Administration 30, Adobe Photoshop, Entrepreneurship, and more.

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Germany has a shortage of nurses and is trying to find new nurses to fill vacancies. The shortage of nurses is so severe that experts predict a shortage of an additional 500,000 nurses by 2030. In addition, demographic changes are expected to exacerbate the problem in the medium-term. In order to address the issue, the Federal Employment Agency’s International Placement Services has launched the Triple Win Programme.